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Welcome to APD’s New Blog!

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 APD is discovering new ways to communicate with you!  As you may or may not know, APD already uses several social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  This blog is just one more way we want to communicate with you.  Our goal is to discuss topics that are important to you.  Topics will cover everything from employment to iBudget.  Many topics will cover frequently asked questions submitted through APD’s website. 

If you’d like to bookmark APD’s other sites please see the links below:

APD’s Website: http://apdcares.org/
APD’s Facebook: http://facebook.com/apdcares
APD’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/floridaapd
APD’s Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/apdcares

Please remember that due to the confidential nature of our services, we will not discuss any individual’s personal information on this blog.  If you have a questions or concerns about your services or other issues please email apd_info@apd.state.fl.us.  We want to give you the best response possible, while still maintaining your right to privacy.


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