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What is iBudget?

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APD is currently in the process of rolling out iBudget throughout the state.  iBudget is replacing the current Tier System and is a new way to manage waiver dollars.  iBudget will also give customers more flexibility and control over how they spend their budgets, as long as their health and safety needs are covered. 

APD worked with many people to create the iBudget Florida waiver including individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, waiver support coordinators, providers, and APD staff members.  These individuals met over the course of 18 months to design the iBudget system.  APD also spoke with individuals in other states whose waivers are similar to iBudget.

For more information, check out iBudget’s website at http://apd.myflorida.com/ibudget/.  If you have any additional questions about iBudget please contact the iBudget team directly by email at APD_iBudget_Contacts@apd.state.fl.us.


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