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APD Customer Thinks iBudget is Good for People with Disabilities

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Although most people do not have a cost plan reduction with iBudget, Michael Maloney of Tallahassee willingly took a reduction. Maloney has cerebral palsy and requires constant care to live in his own home. He took reductions in two services. Maloney said, “I am willing to help out wherever I can. The reason I gave up money was to assist other people on the waiver and on the waiting list. I believe in self-determination. I want other people to be able to make choices about their lives. We are all disabled. It does not matter what you have. We need to work together rather than against each other.” 

Maloney feels that all individuals with disabilities should come together to help each other achieve their goals. He thinks iBudget will provide the flexibility and self-direction for each person to make the best choices for themselves.


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