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What They Are Saying… Stakeholders Praise Court Decision Supporting iBudget Florida

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Jean Sherman, Chair of Family Care Council Florida said, “The Family Care Council Florida (FCCF) is gratified to learn of the decision by the Division of Administrative Hearings to support APD in its implementation of the iBudget Florida program. While we understand that change is always difficult, we believe that it is imperative that the iBudget be given the opportunity to prove its effectiveness for customers and families statewide. As important as choice and flexibility in services is the certain knowledge that this new method of waiver implementation may now proceed without further threat of interruption. For this peace of mind, families are grateful.”

Debra Dowds, Executive Director of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc., said, “The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is extremely pleased with the court ruling and very glad that the iBudget system will be given the chance to continue.  We have long supported the iBudget as a system for more uniformly distributing waiver funds and for giving individuals with developmental disabilities and their families more flexibility and control to choose the services that are important to them.”

Janice Phillips, Chair for the Association of Support Coordination Agencies in Florida, said, “I am very happy that the court is supporting iBudget Florida.  This is a system that allows individuals and families to direct services and have an impact on how services are delivered in the state of Florida. The iBudget system is working well for people and I hope we can all move forward and allow the waiver program to help people as it is designed to do without continued legal challenges.”

Suzanne Sewell, President and CEO, Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, said, “Following the announcement that an Administrative Law Judge ruled that ‘APD’s method of dealing with the iBudget was reasonable and that the proposed rules are not arbitrary or capricious as promulgated,’  Florida ARF and its member agencies look forward to working with the agency to refine the iBudget system to ensure that it is responsive to the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”


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