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TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- Governor Rick Scott today announced approximately 1,600 people, up from an estimated 750 people, will be moved off the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid waiver waiting list. This is the first time that more than half of individuals with critical needs will be moved off of the APD waiver waiting list. Earlier this year, Governor Scott announced that $36 million in funding in his Florida Families First budget would help approximately 750 individuals to be moved off of the waiting list and be offered services through the waiver. That number is now expected to reach approximately 1,600, covering more than half of the individuals on the waiting list that have critical needs.

Governor Scott said, “In March, we were thrilled to commit $36 million to move 750 people with disabilities off of the APD waiver waiting list. Today’s announcement that our investment will help approximately 1,600 individuals –up from 750 individuals- receive the services they need is great news for Florida families. This will also be the first time that more than half of the individuals with critical needs will be moved off of the APD waiver waiting list. Our goal is to create an opportunity economy in Florida that supports jobs for generations to come. Our $36 million investment in APD will ensure our most vulnerable population will receive needed services and allow many to develop skills to help them find a job and live their American Dream.”

Governor Rick Scott recommended and the Florida Legislature supported including $36 million in the Florida Families First budget to serve people currently on the APD waiver waiting list. APD hosted two stakeholder meetings to develop the criteria to enroll those with the greatest needs with the new funding.

The Florida Families First budget also included about $500,000 to assist people on the waiver waiting list who have indicated that they want to go to work. The funding will pay for supported employment services to help 200 people with developmental disabilities obtain and maintain jobs and internships.

APD Director Barbara Palmer said, “I am excited we have the ability to move additional people off the waiting list, and for these individuals to begin receiving waiver services in their communities. I appreciate Governor Scott and members of the Legislature for this needed funding for the waiting list and their support of our agency. We are truly changing lives for the better.”

Debra Dowds, Executive Director of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, said, “This is indeed a great year for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. So many more people who are in desperate need of services will be offered waiver enrollment than initially anticipated. This is a very positive step to help reduce and hopefully one day, eliminate the waiting list for people with disabilities who live and work in Florida. We are very appreciative to Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature for their support to address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.”

Janice Phillips, Association of Support Coordination Agencies of Florida said, “A great tribute to Governor Scott and the Legislature that the funding they allocated to individuals with disabilities on the waiting list has been maximized to serve additional people. We are very excited to learn that additional people with developmental disabilities on the waiting list will be receiving services.” 




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