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Little known facts about APD’s Developmental Disabilities Defendant Program (DDDP)

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DDDP is a forensic program located in Chattahoochee.  This forensic program is for individuals who have developmental disabilities, have been charged with a felony crime, and ordered by a judge to be placed at DDDP.  The reason these individuals do not go to jail or stand trial right away is because a judge has deemed them incompetent to stand trial due to their developmental disability.  In most cases, there is no question of whether a crime was committed, the question lies in the individual’s ability to stand trial against the accusation.

The mission and purpose of DDDP is to help the individuals acquire needed skills and supports to become competent to stand trial.  The program uses a progressive level (levels 1-4) and point system to gauge residents’ progress.  Its residents advance through the levels based on the absence of socially inappropriate behavior and earn points for desired behaviors.

APD has two secure facilities, one called Pathways which is located in Marianna, and the other called Seguin is located in Gainesville.  Individuals are sent to these facilities when the court finds them incompetent to stand trial due to their disability, and then dismisses the charges.  They were established by Florida Statutes 916 and 393.  The programs are responsible for training residents for their eventual return to the community.  Pathways and Sequin’s active treatment process focuses on identifying service needs and develops training goals to address those needs. It also uses progressive levels and a point system.  A wide variety of services is offered including behavioral, vocational, rehabilitation therapy and recreation, medical, dietary, dental, and religious services.


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