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State Agencies Partner to Recruit Foster Parents for Children with Disabilities

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By Director Barbara Palmer

In celebration of National Foster Care Month in May APD launched a new initiative to find more individuals to become foster parents for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities currently in the care of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). APD and DCF will work collaboratively with the 15 APD Family Care Councils and the 18 DCF community-based care agencies across the state to encourage individuals to explore foster parenting.

Foster parenting is a rewarding experience and gives a child the safe and caring home they need. The grassroots approach of linking potential foster parents with members of their local Family Care Councils will aide these parents in identifying resources and learning more about the overall experience of caring for a child with a developmental disability.

As Director of APD, I am grateful to all the exceptional partners across the state participating in this new initiative to help children with developmental and intellectual disabilities find quality foster homes. I know the Family Care Council members will provide vital support to those interested in becoming foster parents.

DCF is equally excited about this partnership. “Making the decision to welcome a child into your home is life changing, especially when caring for a child with special needs,” DCF Secretary Mike Carroll said. “But it is also an immensely rewarding experience, and we are working together to provide foster and adoptive parents with the resources they need to care for these extraordinary children.”

For support and information about fostering, you can get in contact with the FCCs by calling their toll-free number 1-800-470-8101. New foster parents will need to become licensed with DCF. For more information to help individuals learn about fostering or adopting, visit www.MyFLFamilies.com.

View our new informational card here


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