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Casey Stewart, a past member of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, has been a fulltime employee of Publix for more than 13 years. Publix is honored to have such a great employee in Casey, who brings smiles to customers’ faces daily and ensures that he makes every one of his coworkers’ days better when he sees them. As a company, Publix has showed a great commitment to hiring individuals with disabilities, recognizing the unique perspectives and outlooks these individuals can share with those around them.

Karen DeLeon has been employed with SeaWorld for over 20 years. Through her employment, she was able to purchase a condo. Independence is a goal for many, and Karen is overjoyed that she has her own place to live.

Last June, Governor Scott hosted the Governors’ Summit on Disabilities at the 19th Anniversary Family Café. During the event, Governor Scott commended both Casey and Karen for their hard work and their commitments to excelling in the workplace. Governor Scott is committed to expanding employment opportunities, including those for individuals with disabilities, across Florida. Casey and Karen are two great examples of Floridians with a great work ethic. They have both been able to succeed with dedication and hard work, and their employers have benefitted as well.



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